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Forward: Usually, Siglent digital oscilloscope receives the signal, which Siglent function generator outputs. That is a kind of communication with the single direction. Is there any method to make oscilloscope output to waveform generator?  Now, it is available to use SIGLENT EASYALL to offer the communication platform for Siglent oscilloscope, function generator, and programmable power supply. They exchange the data through SIGLENT EASYALL.


How do they communicate and exchange the data? 


Note: Products and software

Easyscope  =》 SDS1000 series oscilloscope

Easywave  =》 SDG1000/5000 series function generator

Easypower  =》 SPD3303 series programmable power supply

Introduction: exchange the data between Siglent oscilloscope and function generator

1 Connect Siglent oscilloscope with the computer. Choose Easyscope from EASYALL to read a Sin wave with 1KH frequency and 4Vpp amplitude.

2 Choose Easywave from EASYALL. Click “import from scope” in the sub of ”communication” column

3 Choose channel and click “import”. Connect Siglent function generator with the computer and send the imported waveform to the generator


4 Choose the save/recall in the function generator to read the waveform.

5 Connect the oscilloscope’s input channel with the function generator’s channel, which stores the waveform. Click output and the oscilloscope will appear the interface as above.

Introduction: the communication between Siglent programmable power supply, oscilloscope, and function generator.

1 Choose Easypower in EASYALL. Edit a voltage with 30Vpp amplitude and 10s period in Timer function.

2 Run Timer. Then, waveform appears as above.

3 Connect CH1 of the power supply to the oscilloscope. Oscilloscope will display the waveform.

4 Choose Easywave in EASYALL to import the waveform. Then, the function generator will store the waveform and recall it.

Thanks for the colleagues in the software department. Siglent oscilloscopes, function generators and programmable power supply are connected together in the virtual platform of EASYALL. They do exchange and recall the data.

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