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Robotics and Arduino are two peas in a pod, but for many of us they seem like difficult concepts to grasp. The truth of the matter is that you can make a robot or Arduino project as sophisticated as you can imagine, but these projects should also be fun and come from a simple start. This is the thinking behind the SainSmart InstaBots product line.

With SainSmart InstaBots Upright Rover Kit we aimed to create something that beginners and experts could both enjoy. SainSmart InstaBots Upright Rover Kit provide all the parts and easy-to-follow instructions, you provide the final result.

The beauty of SainSmart InstaBots Upright Rover Kit is that it is totally customizable; it starts from our design but can become something totally your own. Add sensors, cameras or any other parts and pieces you can think of. Designed by our top product engineers and approved by beginner enthusiasts, SainSmart InstaBots Upright Rover Kit leaves no room for excuses. as they can be built by anyone. Make it simple, make it complex, make it yours.


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