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This assembled musical keyboard will leave you feeling like a modern day Mozart. This kit provides you with the ability to play an octave worth of notes using the capacitive touch keys, no strings or hammers required! The pre-installed software also lets you play a melody with the press of a button and switch octaves using a soldered potentiometer.

Clearance sale price just $36.99.
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Make it simple, make it complex, make it yours.

Package List:


    • 1x Laser Instrument
    • 2x Instrument acrylic faceplate
    • 1x SainSmart UNO R3
    • 1x Sockets 20p
    • 10x Laser diode 6mm 5v
    • 35x Neodymium magnet 4*4mm
    • 35x Neodymium magnet 4*2mm
    • 20x Dupont Line   
    • 6x Plastic hexagonal prism
    • 8x M3 3*6 plastic screws
    • 10x M3 3*8 plastic screws
    • 2x Plastic shim
    • 10x Photoresistor               
    • 10x 91Ω resistor                  
    • 1x 8Ω 1.5W Speaker        
    • 1x Micro SD module           
    • 1x Pin header 20p         
    • 1x Pin header 20p            


      Click to download the manual


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