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xmas printed ornaments

Christmas is coming to town! When you hang around the shopping mall with your family you can feel the holiday vibe all around you. With 3D printing, you can create a more customized and creative Christmas with decorations made by you. Here are five typical decorations to print, and they are super easy to make. Except for the Christmas tree, other decorations were printed with Ender-3.

1. Santa Hat (can be customized with your name)

Xmas printed santa hat

Santa Claus might be a popular thing to print but I prefer this Santa hat. With this awesome model created by Dogbert, you can make the hat unique with a customized name on it, makes it a perfect gift.

Download file on Thingiverse

2. Evergreen Christmas Tree on Card

Xmas printed evergreeen tree

If you don’t have the money for an actual Christmas tree every year, this mini Christmas tree might be a great and eco-friendly idea. It fits in perfectly on a desk and can provide some holiday fun for you all year. Once it's all printed, you need to detach each part from the card and assemble the tree. (Strongly recommend you to use silk PLA for this print!)

Download file on Thingiverse

3. Spinning Christmas Star

Xmas printed spinning star

As a fan of tradition, of course you can print some generic ornaments for your pretty Christmas tree. Finish the decorating with a gold spinning star mounted at the top of the tree. Unleash your creativity for the color to fit your decoration.

Download file on Thingiverse

4. Reindeer Headband

Xmas printed reindeer headband

This is an adorable print for kids and adults. Walking in a party with this noticeable headband on the head makes you the cutest decoration of Christmas.

Download file on Thingiverse

5. Snowflake Ornament

Xmas printerd snowflake

The final one is snowflake ornament. It‘s beautiful, traditional and easy to print a set with any colors you prefer. You can hang them on the Christmas tree or on the wall around the house for a manmade snowing Christmas!

Download file on Thingiverse

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