Brand: SainSmart

[discontinued] Zero Voltage Switching Tesla Coil Flyback Driver

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  • 12-36VDC input (recommend 24V), output high voltage direct current, voltage of the input voltage of about 1000 times. The 12V input can reach 50-100W power, 24 V input max can reach more than 200W, so request power supply current best in more than 10A.
  • A flyback drive circuit, which is used to drive the ignition coil, as did the Zero Voltage Switching, masses of fans called them "ZVS circuit". Because of its big power, low heat, simple and reliable by fans are widely used in the drive spark gap tesla coil (SGTC) and Jacob, ladders, Marx generator, etc.



  • 1 x SainSmart ZVS Tesla coil driver board
  • 1 x ignition coil

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