Brand: SainSmart

[discontinued] WEP 858D 220V Hot Air Station

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Wind volume of Saike 852D+ is adjustable, induction switch on hand held, when you grasp hand held, it will work, and when you put it down, it will stop work.<br />Saike 852D+ is also with brushless wind motor, long life and low noise. Suitable for SOIC, CHIP,QFP,PLCC,BGA, heating shrink, drying, lacquer removal, viscidity removal, ice-out,pre-heating and glue soldering.


LED digital display accurancy 1°C Consumption:400W
Air mode:brushless soft wind Air volume:120L/minute(max.)
Temperature range:100-450°C
Handheld part length:120cm
Main body: 13.8cmX10cmX15cm
Sensor close loop of Saike 852D+ , micro-computer over "0" control, LED indicator, big power, fast temperature rising, accurate temperature, not affected by wind volume.


1. Main body of Aoyue 852D+
2. Hot air gun and air nozzles
3. Soldering Iron Tip