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[discontinued] DSO203 Pocket-sized 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope 8MHz 72 MSps, Aluminum Shell

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DS203 is a pocket size 4-channel digital storage oscilloscope for common electronic engineering tasks. Its CPU is an ARM Cortex M3, STM32VCT6, with an AD9288-40 dual A/D converter sampling at 72 MHz, and a customer FPGA to manage the ADC and data buffering. A built-in 8MB USB disk enables you to store waveforms and to upgrade firmware. It also provides 4 application areas, convenient for users to load and upgrade at most 4 different application firmware. Schematics and source files are open-sourced to encourage improvements and innovation.


DSO Series:

DSO201 DSO Note II (DSO202) DSO203
Sample rate 1 MSps 10 MSps 72 MSps
Channels 1 2 2 analog, 2 digital
Waveout No 1 MSps 1 MSps
ADC STM32F103 internal STM32F303 internal AD9288-40
RAM 20 kB 48 kB 48 kB
Controls 7 buttons 1 button, touch area 4 buttons, 2 scrollers



1.Analog channel * 2 : [CH_A]   [CH_B] ;
2.Digital channel * 2 :   [CH_C]   [CH_D] ;
3.Vertical Scale: 20mV-10V/div (x1 probe);
4.Vertical solution: 8 bit ;
5.Input coupling: AC/DC ;
6.Max input voltage: 80Vpp (x2 probe);
7.Storage: 4K per channel
8.Software trigger type: edge, pulse, level (to be added)
9.Hardware trigger type: edge
10.Trigger source: CH1/CH2/EXT
11.Test Signal generator: 10Hz to 1Mhz
12.Storage: internal 8MB USB disk
13.Auto measure: Vmax, Vmin, Vpp, Vavr, Vrms, Freq, Period, Pulse, Duty
14.Cursor measurement: Level, Voltage
15.Display mode: CH1, CH2, EXT, CH1+CH2, CH1-CH2, CH1*CH2
16.Sampling mode: real time
17.Sampling rate: 1kSa/s - 72MSa/S
18.Power: Li-ion battery
19.Dimension: 98 * 60 * 14.5 mm
20.Weight: 80g (without battery)


Package List:

1x SainSmart DSO203/Quad with battery

2x mcx osilloscope probes

        This pocket oscilloscope is largely employed for programs inside following circumstances:

  •   Repair popular electronic devices outside (Air conditioning or Industrial frequency inverter power supply, AC / DC switching electrical power supply or inverter, elevator and constructing fire safety products, industrial control circuit)
  •   Hardware preservation or software program debugging RS232, RS485, I2C, CAN along with other communications interface circuits, LED show and keyboard scan driver circuit, brushless motor drive circuit
  •   Audio devices and circuits, electronic toys and remote handle designs, car or truck repair electronic circuits
  •   College after-school teaching practice and college student advancement of electronic modest manufacturing
  •   Should sluggish signal adjustments observed applications (such as: relay and change contacts jitter, battery cost and discharge curves on the load transient response strength provide, temperature sensor attributes measurement)
  •   The relevant provide electronic circuit (SCR voltage regulator, strength component correction, electronic vitality saving lamps, dysprosium lamp mercury lamp sodium lamp xenon lights drive circuit), As for other problems this sort of as: CPU clock, RAM entry, bus and USB or Ethernet signal measurement, high frequency plus the video circuitry plus the must use FFT for signal analysis and so on event.