[discontinued] 2017 Christmas Fukubukuro Lucky Bag | Basic

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Special Offer*】Christmas limited offer since sleigh can only fit 300 bags.

Ho ho ho, Christmas is coming to town!

It’s the 3rd year for SainSmart Fukubukuro lucky bags. This year, we will continue to offer "lucky gift bags" for you all, which will contain a nice and surprising assortment of items sold at a substantial discount. We hope these lucky bags will bring happiness and good luck to you in Christmas and New Year.

We are offering three kinds of lucky bags for you this time.
Basic | $59.99
Advanced | $109.99
Premium | $169.99

What are the contents of SainSmart lucky bag?

  • No matter which bag you choose, there will be 3-6 pcs items in each lucky bag. 
  • See below for a little spoiler of what products you may probably receive (WHICH ARE NOT TOTALLY SHOWN BELOW). Every single product in the lucky bag is definitely selective and the total value of the bag is positively higher than the price!


Start to make a wish to Santa!

You Will Receive 1 Item Out Of The Five Products Below RANDOMLY
ToolPAC PRO32 Smart Soldering Tool Set Bluetooth Digital Multimeter And Temperature Meter, DMT100B S3-B 3-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm 5" 800x480 HDMI LCD Touch Display For Raspberry Pi DSO320 1-Channel Mini Oscilloscope DIY Kit
$58.99 $49.99 $45.99 $34.99 $32.99
With Any 2-5 Items Out Of The Products Listed Right ToolPAC DMT120 Mini Digital Multimeter
Sensor Proto Shield For Arduino
Solderless 270 Points PCB Bread Board
Mega 2560 R3 ATmega2560-16AU, Arduino Compatible
21 Segment Music VU Meter Tower LED DIY Kit
Power Relay Module Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi
ToolPAC DMT100 Mini Digital Multimeter
Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector With LED Indicator, TP100
Replacement Shell For PRO32 Soldering Iron
1602 LCD Board Keypad Shield
And More Other Products To Surprise You…


Special Offer*: Only 300 available and items in Lucky Bag are ineligible for return/refund/exchange (unless for product defect).

P.S. If you get something you haven‘t ordered, that's secret gift from Santa for you being nice this year!