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[discontinued] Raspberry Pi GPIO Learning Lab Kit for beginners

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  • A comprehensive GPIO Learning kit for Raspberry Pi.
  • 13 lessions for various projects, 57 pages PDF tutorial. Lean course reduces your learing curve.
  • 22-in-1 kit includes all the components for projects.
  • Documentations available in our product Wiki page
  • Raspberry pi board is NOT included.


If you want to learn the basics of electronics and Linux programming, this kit is a wonderful choice for you. We believe that with this hardware + software support, you are able to become an expert programmer(developer) very soon.

So Hurry up, get the kit and enjoy learning!




Chapter 1 Introduction of RPI Editor--vi(vim)
Chapter 2 Quick Start of GPIO IDE-Blinking LED
Chapter 3 Flowing LED Lights
Chapter 3 Flowing LED Lights
Chapter 5 Key
Chapter 6 Buzzer
Chapter 7 Relay module
Chapter 8 DC motor
Chapter 9 servo motor
Chapter 10 7-Segment Display
Chapter 11 HC-SR04
Chapter 12 LCD1602
Chapter 13 dot-matrix




  • 1 x Raspberry Pi GPIO Learning Lab Kit
  • 1 x SainSmart Box