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[discontinued] Multi-Axis CNC Stepper Motor Driver Board, TB6600

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TB6600 multi-axis CNC stepper motor driver controller is suitable for making automation equipment, like CNC machine and 3D printer. Using the TOSHIBA TB6600 driver chip makes the controller runs effectively.

  • The maximum output of 4.5A current, current stepless adjustable, stepper motors can be driven at the same time.
  • Suitable for NEMA17, NEMA23 stepper motor.
  • 12V power supply can be used for MACH3 interface board.
  • Cost effective, high performance and installation convenient.
  • DC Power input type: 14V~40V
  • Output current: 0~4.5A, current stepless adjustable
  • 12V Power output: Maximum output 2A current, for CNC controller or Mach3 interface board power supply
  • Automatic half current function: when the motor stops running, the standby current is automatically reduced to half of the working current to reduce the heat of the driver
  • Micro-step: 1、2、4、8、16
  • Automatic decay function: the chip adjusts the current decay mode according to the motor parameters and running speed to reduce the noise of the driver
  • Protect form: Overheated protection, over-current protection
  • The maximum pulse rate is 200KHZ
  • Using the PWM chopper - type single - chip bipolar sinusoidal Micro-step current control mode
  • Working environment: temperature -15℃~50℃/5℉~122℉, Humidity<90%


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  • TB6600 stepper motor driver controller X 1
  • CD(English user manual)

TB6600-T3 3 Axis stepper motor driver controller


TB6600-T4 4 Axis stepper motor driver controller