[discontinued] 8-CH SSR 5A DC-DC 5V-220V Solid State Relay

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SSR-GJ series for small high-power solid-state relays, input control voltage is 3~5VDC, output adopts a unidirectional thyristor reverse parallel, dv/dt resistant ability is high, the output load voltage range of 5~220VDC. Great to meet customers various requirements in different places.

  • The photoelectric isolation
  • The 4000V dielectric withstanding voltage
  • The zero or random conducting switch
  • The PCB type installationThe SCR output
  • Have extremely high surge current capability
  • Built in RC absorption circuit
  • It can provide LED indicate the working state of products
  • Environmental friendly ( in line with the ROHS requirements )
  • Input ( control ) parameters ( TA=25℃)
  • Input voltage range: 3~5VDC
  • Ensure that the turn-on voltage: 3VDC
  • Ensure that the turn-off voltage: 1VDC
  • Input current ( typical): 18Ma
  • Input current ( max): 25mA
  • Reverse polarity voltage ( DC ):-5VDC
  • Output ( load ) parameters ( TA=2℃)
  • Output voltage range: 5~220VDC
  • Maximum transient voltage: 800Vpk
  • Maximum output current : 1Ma’
  • Maximum output voltage: 1.5Vrms;
  • Maximum load current: 5A
  • Maximum surge current (10ms ): Rated current of 20 times
  • The minimum power factor: 0.5
  • Minimum working current: 50MA
  • High level action
  • Low level cut-off
  • Control panel input: 3~5VDC
  • Power supply input: 3~5VDC
  • Size: 138*71*25mm;
  • FR-4 Fiber glass PCB (Double Layer)
  • PCB thickness: 1.6mm