Brand: SainSmart

[discontinued] 7'' LCD TFT Shield for Arduino DUE

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This is SainSmart 7 inch TFT LCD shield for Arduino DUE.

  • Compatible with 40-pin version LCD, which is commonly used in arduino system
  • High data transmit speed
  • Transmit ports are PC1-PC8 and PC12-PC19
  • Controll pins are PD0-PD3.

This is SainSmart TFT LCD Extend shield for Arduino Due. Using this shield can help you out of the bothers to use other cables. You just need to plug the module to Arduino Due through this shield.

Now, the TFT LCD Shield is 100% compatible with  Arduino Due and fit for tow kind of TFT LCD module

  1. 40pin version LCD which is commonly used in previous version of TFT shield for Arduino Due inch LCD Display)
  2. 32pin version LCD which is commonly used in STM32 development board. (unsoldered)

The shield defines that all the the data transmit ports are PC1-PC8 and PC12-PC19,the controll pins are PD0-PD3.The perfect design could realize that the data transmits in high speed.The SPI interface is designed in the ISP header of arduino due so that the SPI transfer with DMA could be achieved in high speed with no drag.


  • 1x SainSmart TFT LCD Adjustable Shield