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[discontinued] 4WD Robot Car Chasis, Yellow

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This SainSmart 4WD Drive Aluminum Mobile Robot Platform for Robot Arduino UNO MEGA2560 R3 Duemilanove

  •  Can hold many controllers, drivers, sensors and RF modules etc.
  •  Supports  plate with controller mounting holes, 2 dof pan.
  •  Tilt holds down groove, collision switch mounting hole, can be added with sensors.
  •  Elastic rubber tires. Damping, gripping, and wear-resisting.
  •  Light weight, high strength and no deformation characteristics.
  •  Unique design and color, cool feeling.


  •  Reduction ratio: 1:48
  •  No-load speed: 220rpm
  •  Wheel diameter: 65mm
  •  Wheel width: 26mm
  •  Platform length: 206mm
  •  Platform width: 200mm
  •  Platform height: 62mm
  •  Platform weight: 620g




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Raspberry Pi Code For 4WD

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