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Original Designing Contest of Mini Soldering Iron: SainSmart Pro32/T1 Port


Date of Contest: from present till Mar. 1, 2017


Requirements for Submission:

1. We will provide the detailed dimensions of the T1 universal connection port for Pro32 Soldering Iron. Based on the T1 port, contestants can design various types of accessories, such as coolant jacket, soldering iron holder, lighting, antiskid grip, etc.

2. Contestants may submit hand-drawn sketches of their designs, renderings, CAD files, 3D printed samples, or even actual items and so on. The more detailed the submitted files are, the more likely they are to win a prize.

3. One contestant may issue multiple entries. All the entries must be original works created by the contestants themselves or with team members.


Ways to Compete:

1. Log into the forum of where you may post an article to participate in the contest. The entry post should contain the key word of “ [T1 Port] ” in its title. You can also comment this blog with your design direcly.

2. You can also submit your design to


Entry Review:

The entries will be comprehensively reviewed by They will be graded in terms of their functional practicality, use effects, production difficulty and exterior designs. For the selected entries which meet the requirements, their submitters will be awarded with bonuses in cash. The review results will be released in 15 working days after the expiry date of the event.



Contribution Award: USD 450 (The design is adopted and put into actual production.)

Creative Award: USD 150 (Part of the design elements are adopted.)


Special Declaration:

1. The results of the review may include the cases of multiple award-winners in the same grade, or no award-winner in the grade.

2. The judges will have a comprehensive consideration of the versatility and feasibility of the design works. Contestants are not allowed to file any complaints against the results.

3. The copyrights of the entries for this contest are deemed as open copyrights. The organizer of the event reserves all rights of interpretation.

Click here to download the document for detailed Information of T1 Port.



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