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[discontinued] TFT LCD Adjustable Shield for Arduino Mega2560

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This is a TFT LCD Adjustable Shield for Arduino Mega2560

  • Works in 3.3V, connect modules to Mega 2560 through this board
  • Support both 16 bit mode
  • Has an adjustable button for LCD display.

The SainSmart TFT LCD module works in 3.3V voltage level and you need to use cables to connect with Arduino Mega. And this shield can help you out of the bothers to use other cables. You just need to plug the module to Mega through this shield.

This shield supports both 16 bit mode. And Mega board has enough pins for using SD card and touch function at the same time.
It also has an adjustable button for contrast of the LCD display.

  • 1 x TFT LCD Adjustable Shield

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