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Tangle-Free Premium

PRO-3 Tangle-Free Premium 1.75mm Filament is just a great filament from all aspects. The tangle-free design reduces the odds of failing prints thus reduced waste of time and filament, and more importantly, less frustration. If you are interested in 3D printing, PRO-3 PETG and PLA will be available for your best 3D experience!

Smoother Model

PRO-3 Filament is a new member of SainSmart 3D printing filament family. We use an innovative layer-by-layer spooling process while manufacturing the PRO-3 Series. This ensures each layer of filament is spooled perfectly! Also, you don't get extruder jams like you do with other filaments. You will get a smoother finished product.

Quality Assurance

Each roll of PRO-3 has passed a multi-stage inspection to make sure it is free from contamination, particles, and air bubbles while maintaining high accuracy.


Laser Precision

Inspected by laser, PRO-3 ensures each inch of the filament is precisely engineered to +/-0.02mm error rate.

Practical for All Users

PETG & PLA are considered as one of the most commonly used filaments for both beginners and experienced users.

Green Material

PRO-3 is made from renewable resources, which is green and non-toxic.

Length Indicator

A smart length indicator is present on the surface of the clear PC spool for your convenience to know the length of your remaining filament. You will love it.