Marke: SainSmart

SainSmart Solder Wire | 0.8mm 500g | Sn63 Pb37

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  • Advantage: 37% lead content effectively lowers melting point and improves the soldering gloss, also saves your work time.
  • Size: Inside with rosin core, it weighs 500g/ 1.1lbs; The size of solder wire roll is 5.4 x 5.4 x 5.1cm/ 2.1 x 2.1 x 2.0 inches; The diameter of the electrical soldering wire is 0.8mm/ 0.031 inches.
  • Composition: Sn: 63%; Pb: 37%; Flux: 2%.
  • Physical Performance: Its melting point is 183°C(361℉); Good fluidity and heats evenly, good thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Application: Perfect for electric soldering and wire connections. Such as micro soldering on motherboard, SMD soldering, radios, VCRs, stereos, wires, motors, circuit board.


  • Lead Content: 37%; Sn Content: 63%
  • Flux: 2%
  • Gross Weight: 500g/1.1lbs
  • Diameter: 0.8mm
  • Melting point: 183°C(361℉)
  • 1 x SainSmart 0.8mm Solder Wire (500g)