Marke: SainSmart

[discontinued] SainSmart Relay Cycle Timer Module - Programmable with Customized Settings (12V)

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It is programmable using the four buttons onboard, to set up to 18 customized modes, including automatically repeating a set time cycle.
The 18 modes include: close or disconnect upon a certain set time; cycle mode 1 and 2 (cycle time 0 second to 270 hours); self-lock relay mode; trigger relay mode; limited cycle mode 1 and 2. It can be adjusted between a delay time of 0.01 second ~ 99 days 23 hours.

1) Auto protection against faulty wiring: will not damage due to wrong connection of polarity;

2) Function increased from 8 kinds to 18 kinds.

3) Minimum time setting enhanced from 1 second to 0.1 second.

  • Infinite loop timing mode
  • Finite loop timing mode
  • Latching relay mode
  • Trigger relay mode
  • Timing pull
  • Timing is disconnected
  • Timing pull off again
  • Then pull off the timing
  • Trigger timing pull off again
  • Timing off and then pull the trigger
  • Infinite loop timing mode
  • Finite loop timing mode
  • Pull the trigger timing
  • Disconnect the trigger timing

Control voltage: AC 0~250V / max. 10A, DC 0~30V / max. 10A
Size: 2.59*1.57*0.67 inches