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[discontinued] SainSmart Netzwerk Wi-Fi Relaissteuerung Controller Modul + 8-Kanal Relais

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This is an Ethernet Controller board which could be compatible with the 8 Channels relay. Using the Controller module and the 8 Channels relay, you could control up to 8 devices remotely on LAN or WAN. The Ethernet Controller board has integrated the web server. When you are on your office, you just need to open the page on your computer, pad or smartphone, and then control your devices like lights, air-conditioning or refrigerator on your home. As is shown in the below picture, you can feel free to enjoy the remote controlling of your other devices with the SainSmart Ethernet Controller board.


* Default IP:
* Prot:30000
* Link
* HTTP Comment : Relay-01 OFF : Relay-01 ON : Relay-02 OFF : Relay-02 ON : Relay-03 OFF : Relay-03 ON
... : Relay-8 OFF : Relay-8 ON : Enter : Exit : Next Page : Next Page

Package Content:

1 x SainSmart Ethernet Control Module
1 x 8-CH Relay Module