Marke: SainSmart

[discontinued] SainSmart DIY Recording kit

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Marquee Function

Equipped with red, green and blue three 1206 patch led, built-in 6 different style marquee, slightly tap the “smart guy” right foot to switch the marquee style.

Record Function

Press and hold the “smart guy” right hand then into the record mode (up to 20 seconds for recording). Tap the left hand to cycle the recorded content.


The source code (C Programming) is provided, and the TX, RX, GND, and VCC interfaces are left on the back of the “smart guy”, and the functions of each button can be customized.

Soldering Needed

Power supply(3.3-5.5V): red line to V+, black line to V-

Key Function
  • Right hand: long press recording
  • Left hand: tap to turn on/off the broadcast
  • Right foot: Tap to switch the marquee style
  • Left foot: Tap to turn on/off the whole machine
  • 1 x SainSmart DIY Recording Kit