Marke: SainSmart

[discontinued] SainSmart Digital Controlled Step-Down Power Supply Buck Module DSP150W

SKU: 101-30-506
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  • It combines with analog adjustment and digital control.
  • The product has the function of default value storage as power-down, which can store 5 sets of default value functions.
  • With LCD display, it has the function of voltage and ammeter, and can conveniently check preset voltage, preset current, the output voltage, output current, output power, and others through LCD.
  • The display area of output condition can conveniently see whether the output is currently on/off output, constant voltage / constant current output status, whether the output is normal, and the data group currently being used.
  • The over-voltage value, over-current value, over-voltage power, data set, LCD brightness and others can be adjusted in the data set interface.
  • Setting of output voltage and reading resolution: 0.01V
  • Setting of output current and reading resolution: 0.001A
  • Setting of output voltage and reading precision: ±(0.5%+1 words)
  • Setting of output current and reading precision: ±(0.5%+3 words)
  • Outline Dimension:95mm*50mm*54mm
  • Installation Dimension: 90mm*47.5mm
  • Product Weight:130g
  • 1x Power Supply Buck Module
  • 1x Manual