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[discontinued] SainSmart Digital Battery Internal Resistance Tester

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  • Battery voltage internal resistance tester is a high-precision measuring instrument specially designed for secondary batteries (including lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, lithium ion, lithium polymer battery).
  • It is a new type of instrument for measuring internal resistance of the battery by alternating current.
  • It is simple to operate, reliable to use, and can test the open circuit voltage and ac resistance of the battery.
  • Maximum measurable internal resistance value is 3000 mΩ.
  • It can test milliohm series sampling resistance, constantin resistance, etc., which is widely used in scientific research institutions, production, secondary battery distribution, etc

This instrument makes use of the characteristics that the battery is equivalent to active resistance, and gives the tested battery a constant ac current of 1000HZ and about 10mA, and then carry out a series of processing such as voltage sampling, 
rectification, and filtering, so as to accurately measure the internal resistance of the battery. The measurement error caused by contact resistance is effectively eliminated and the measurement accuracy is improved by using the fixed zero methods.

  • Supply Voltage: DC9V Power voltage adapter(or 9V Battery)
  • Display Voltage: DC 0~26.00V Display resolution 0.01V
  • Display Resistance: 1.00 mΩ~3000.00 mΩ; Display resolution: 1mΩ
  • AC Current Frequency: 1KHZ
  • Maximum Power: ≤1W 
  • Outer Size: 84 ×152 ×32mm(Width×Length×Height)
  • Off Time: It will shut down automatically in about 3 minutes after the test stopped.
  • 1 x Battery Resistance Tester 
  • 1 x Four Wire Test Clip
  • 1 x Four Wire Test Pen