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[discontinued] SainSmart 17-DOF Biped Humanoid Kit

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  • Use high-precision digital servo, Action agile.
  • Graphical programming, easy to start.
  • Hard aluminum frame sturdy light.
  • 32 channels servo drive plate combines with PS2 handle perfectly.
  • Applicable to robot dance competition and it can also be used to participate in various robot shows.
Click here to see how to assemble the kit and have fun with the robot
  • Height: 320mm  12.6inch
  • Width:  120mm   4.7inch
  • Length: 505 mm 19.9inch
  • Weight: 1.65KG  3.6lb
  • Material: ultra-light hard aluminum alloy, hardened surface treatment and strengthen the structural design
  • Head: 2DOF
  • Shoulder: 2DOF
  • Arm: 2DOF per arm
  • Legs: 4DOF per leg
  • Foot: 1DOF per foot
Robot Control System
  • 32 channels steering servo drive control panel
  • Graphical programming software
  • Servo parameters: 360°Digital Actuator
  • Weight: 64±1g  2.26oz



Complete Kit:

1x Robot full set of metal bracket
17x SainSmart SR319 digital servo
1x 32 channels steering gear drive board
1x PS2 wireless handle set
1x Quality USB cable
Several metal screws
Several Gasket

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