Marke: SainSmart

[discontinued] RJ45 TCP/IP Remote Control Board with Integrated 8-Ch Relay

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  1. Ethernet TCP/IP RJ45 Port
  2. Onbaord WEB server allows accessing and controlling the relay via WEB
  3. 8-Channel 250V/AC 10A Relay control individually?
  4. Thicker tinning for relay’s wiring
  5. 8 external control outputs and active low level can control switch or sensor, etc.
  6. Wide operating voltage range: 7-24V DC power supply
  7. Provide protocol for reengineering:( When connected to router, it allows access control via Android, Mac, Tablet, Windows system from anywhere in the world with network)
  8. Supports status return, can display current status of the relays
  9. IP Port can be modified
  10. With Reset function, short press to reset, long press to restore factory setting.
  11. Supports 485 networking.
  12. Internal circuit protection: with optocoupler to prevent from external voltage surge


  • 1x Sainsmart remote Controller Board
  • 1x a case for protection

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