[discontinued] Multi-functional Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Bench Vise

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SainSmart bench vise is famous for its multi-functional design. Double clamps construction can help you stabilize different shapes of item. Both vise body and clamps can be rotated up to 360°.It can be attached to the table up to 1.7 inch thick that you can work almost everywhere you want.

  • Double clamps design, two types of jaws, can stabilize various shapes of workpiece, e.g. triangular, circular, rectangular, and polygonal.
  • Both vise body and clamps can be rotated up to 360°. It is convenient to adjust the optimal position you want.
  • Made of carbon steel, strong and durable. The diamond pattern on the clamps allows the object to be held firmly.
  • It can be install on the workbench easily just by spinning one screws.
  • Material: carbon steel
  • Two jaws width: 2.5inch, 1.5inch
  • Double jaws max opening width: 2.4inch
  • Vise Bottom Max opening width: 1.8inch
  • Anvil Size: 1.9x0.9inch
  • Weight: 8.4lb
  • 1x Carbon Steel Bench Vise