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[discontinued] Creality3D Ender-5 3D Printer

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Box-like Frame

The Ender-5 takes the extrusion system and the heated bed from the Ender-3 Pro and puts it in a new box-like frame. The X and Y dimensions are the same, but the Z-axis allows for taller prints (Up to 300 mm). Also, the machine sports a wider Cartesian frame, with the printer head moving along the X and Y axes.

Built-in Power Supply

With a built-in Meanwell 350W / 24V power supply, makes you heat the bed up to 110° C faster, also supports resume print feature just like Ender-3 series. And the cable management is good, no loose ends here, safe and secure.

Dual Y-axis Control

Dual Y-axis running control system drive both sides of the timing belts to output stably, effectively avoiding the oscillating and lost the balance due to the long-time printing, so you can get an overall smoother movement.

Heated Bed Fixed Design

The heated bed is fixed on Z-axis, which leads to better performance and faster printing speed, also better prints. Whereas the printer head of Ender-3 moves is mounted on the Z-axis, resulting in more movement and less precision.


Building an Ender-5 is even easier than building an Ender-3 or Ender-3 Pro. The axes come pre-assembled, so all you have to do is to mount the Z-axis to the base and wire up the printer. This can be done in half an hour.


Compared to the Ender-3 Pro, the Ender-5 featured with the box-like frame, dual Y-axis control system, which can deliver better prints straight out of the box, change always makes a difference, it’s not perfect, but with a little care, you’ll get great prints out of it. Ender-5 is an interesting and affordable tool for makers, hobbyists, tinkerers, who are willing to spend some time with it.

  • Printing Technology: FDM
  • Printing Accuracy: ±0.1 mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Layer Thickness: 0.1 to 0.4 mm
  • Nozzle Speed: 180 mm/s
  • Compatible Filaments: 1.75 mm PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Compatible Software: Cura, Simplify 3D
  • Compatible Formats: STL,OBJ,AMF, .G-Code
  • Ambient Temperature: 5 to 40° C (41 to 104° F)
  • Nozzle Temperature: 255° C (491° F)
  • Heated Bed Temperature: 110° C (230° F)
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 connection, SD Flash
  • Input: AC 110V/220V 50-60Hz
  • Output: DC 24V 14.6A 350W
  • Auto Resume Print: Yes
  • Spool Holder: Yes
  • Net Weight: 11.8 kg (26 lbs)
  • Package Weight: 14.2 kg (31.3 lbs)
  • Package Size: 56 x 54 x 24 cm(22 x 21 x 9.4 inches)
  • 1 x Ender-5 3D Printer
  • 1 x Tool Box (200g Testing Filament Included)
  • 1 x Screw Accessories Box
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