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[discontinued] BJY901C MPU9250 module angle output 9-axis Accelerometer Gyroscope

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  • BWT901CL Gyroscope is a good solution for angle measuring,acceleration measurement and angular velocity measurement, It packs a 3-axis gyro and a 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetic.
  • Kalman filter combines the gyro and accelerometer to get high precision angle measurement, it can be used such as four-axis flight control and self-balancing robot, angle measurement, and depth measuring and so on. 
  • The module can get accurate attitude in a dynamic environment. Attitude measurement precision is 0.05degrees. 
  • Using high-precision gyro accelerometer MPU9250, read the measurement data by serial port and IIC port. With advanced digital filtering technology, reduce the measurement noise and improve measurement accuracy. 
  • Using stamps holes gold plating, quality assurance can be embedded in the user's PCB board 


  • Input voltage: 3V-6V 
  • Consumption current: typical 20mA 
  • Volume: 25.4mm x 25.4mm 
  • Measuring : Attitude angle: 3 axis Acceleration: 3 Axis Angular Velocity: 3 Axis Magnetic 
  • Range: Acceleration: ± 16g, angular velocity: ± 2000 ° / s. 
  • The data output frequency can reach 200Hz 
  • Data Interface: Serial port of Bluetooth, Serial (TTL level), I2C. 
  • Baud rate (baud rate defult 115200kps). 
  • Provide single-chip analytical sample code. 
  • With GPS connectivity. Acceptable in line with NMEA-0183 standard GPS data 
  • 4-way expansion port for analog input and digital input and output 

Note: Angle of Z-axis will be accurate because of adding magnetic field correction. Requiring the magnetic unaffected.


1x BJY901C Bluetooth Gyroscope