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[discontinued] 90° Multi-functional Right Angle Corner Clamp

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Slots in base plate so you can fix the vice to a workbench or machine table. It is ideal for woodworking, engineering, welding or other related DIY projects.

Premium Material

The body part of the clamp is made of aluminum alloy die-casting construction, more durable and stronger but lighter to hold in hand.

The handle is designed with TPR rubber coating, non-slip and high strength.

Clamping Range

Maximum Clamping Range is approx. 70 mm / 2.8 inch; Jaw Width: 3.7inch / 95mm; Jaw Depth: 1.4inch / 35mm.


Floating head and electroplating rotating spindle screw can be adjusted to align and hold workpieces precisely.


SainSmart 90° multi-functional right angle corner clamp allows two woodblocks of different thickness to be joined at a 90-degree angle. It is very suitable for welding, installing furniture, doweling, making the cabinet, frame, and aquarium, etc.

  • When clamping the glass, users are suggested to coat both sides of glass' clamping position with facial tissues; thus can avoid the metal clamp cracks the glass or scratches the glass surface accidentally.
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: max Jaw open about 2.8inch
  • Pliers Surface: coating
  • Single handle: handle jaw rotation can be adjustable
  • Jaw width: 35inch
  • Jaw depth: 1.4inch
  • Can use it to clamp 3" width, 1"-2" thickness
  • 1x 90° Multi-functional Right Angle Corner Clamp