Marke: SainSmart

[discontinued] 4/8-Channel Multifunctional Programmable Relay Module

SKU: 101-70-209
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  • Made from industrial grade electronic components, it ensures excellent performance.
  • Simple Operation,it can be widely used in various power control applications.
  • Preset up to 20 functions, support 8~36V wide voltage and linkage function of each channel. You can freely design many new applications, such as sequential linkage, cycle linkage, flow lights, etc.
  • Support linkage function of each channel.
  • With 4/8 channels of input and output control, each channel can be set with 20 functions to meet more application needs.
  • DC 8V-36V wide voltage input, with power supply anti-reverse function, will not damage the module due to the wrong power supply.
  • With power indicator, relay pull-in indicator.
  • At least 1-second timing function can be set, timing accuracy is better than 1%.
  • Automatic power saving function.
  • All setting options can be saved automatically, and the settings will not disappear when power is off.
  • Trigger signal input supports user selection, high or low pulse trigger.
  • Working voltage: recommended DC 8V~36V (limit working voltage DC 6V~45V)
  • Rated power: static power (when the relay is not connected) is less than 0.1W
  • Dynamic power (when the relay is fully engaged) is less than 1.5W
  • Working temperature: recommended -20 °C ~60 °C (limit operating temperature range -30 °C -70 °C)
  • Load capacity: relay normally open port load capacity: DC 0-30V/10A, AC 0-250V/10A
  • Relay normally closed port load capacity: DC 0-28V/10A, AC 0-125V/10A
  • Size:86mm * 76mm * 20mm(4-Channel)/140mm*80mm*20mm(8-Channel)