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[discontinued] 2-Kanal XBee BTBee Shield für Arduino UNO MEGA R3 Mega 2560 Due

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This is a 2-Ch Relay XBee BTBee Shield For Arduino UNO MEGA R3 Mega2560 Due

  • 2 channel wireless control relay module
  • Support XBee/BTBee,nRFL2401  CC1101 wireless module
  • 2 Channel 5V relay can control the scope AC 250V 10A DC 30V 10A.

SainSmart relay shield 2 road relay extended module support 2 load 5V relay control which is support Arduino to realize wireless control relay subject. On board 2 channel 5V relay can control the scope AC 250V 10A DC 30V 10A.

  •  Use the heavy current relay, AC250V 10A DC30V 10V
  •  tacitly use 5V relay
  •  Easy to connect RF/Bluetooth wireless port support XBee/BTBee,nRFL2401  CC1101 wireless module.
  •  Directly connect outside power supply, convenience support high power switching  device
  •  6 electronic bricks ports, 3 servo motor ports
  •  Outside power maximum 10V
  •  Standard 5V power supply.

You not only can develop wireless control relay but also can support electronic bricks port by this
expand board.And you can insert and remove electronic bricks conveniently, and you can archive
simple and high-speed development.


  • 1 x 2-Ch Relay XBee BTBee Shield