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Daniel “Danimod” describes himself as a “FPV Pilot", but we'd describe him as the most loyal friend. He is the kind of guy we want to bring along to our X Maker Series, because he is passionate about electronics and technology, and dedicates his free time to learning new thing, especially 3D printing and drone. Daniel also wonderfully highlights just why you should be a maker: the exhilaration of being creative and the feeling of accomplishment will bring happiness even it often accompanies hard work.

Last week, we were able to pull him away from his work to chat for half an hour. Here is our interview:

[SainSmart] Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your Youtube channel?

[Daniel] Hi SainSmart and all SainSmart x Makers readers, my name is Daniel, 39 years old, from Madrid, Spain. I have a passion towards electronics and technology. I run a small maintenance service company, and when I'm not working I dedicate my free time to learn new things. The last two years, 3D printing and drones have been my focus of attention. Also, I have a YouTube channel for sharing my flight videos with my friends. I love finding new places for flying to shoot new videos and edit them with music, I enjoy a lot doing this.

[SainSmart] Thanks Daniel. We really enjoy the videos from your Youtube channel. How did you get interested in FPV drones in the first place?

[Daniel]  I started with testing some remote control beginner drones. After a while, I got interested in FPV and started collecting information to carry out the experience. I had to learn how to build and fly a racing drone with no previous experience. First, I began flying small ready to fly FPV drones, which helped me a lot to understand the basics of drone flying. Everyone can actually acquire the ability to fly a drone, the feel of freedom that you get in the air, it is really addictive!

[SainSmart] What about 3D printing? When were you first introduced to 3d printing?

[Daniel]  The world of drones is closely linked to the world of 3D printing. There is a constant need to create new custom pieces for specific drones or action cameras. I started to create new pieces for my drones and action cameras using different filament materials. I had to start from scratch, since I had no prior knowledge about 3D design or 3D printing. I began to watch a lot tutorial videos on YouTube on how to design and print pieces and parts I need it for my drones. When all the researching needed was done, I went ahead and bought a cheap 3D printer. From then I started to print with different filament materials that fit my needs. Later on I came across with the TPU flexible filament from SainSmart. The versatility of this material has been perfect my different projects. I have designed and printed tons of parts and pieces for my drones and cameras.


[SainSmart] That is awesome, Daniel. Your custom drone mounts on Instagram are definitely eye-catchers. Besides our TPU filament, what other materials do you use for 3D printing?

[Daniel]  I am using also PET filament and sometimes ABS or PLA but most of the time I use TPU, I think is the most versatile. 

[SainSmart] What is the best experience you have had in 3D Printing? And what’s your favorite print in your collection?

[Daniel]  My best experience in 3d printing was when finally I had all the knowledge for print in a decent quality, not the best but I thought, “Wow! I build this machine and here are the results!”

When I started to get decent prints was my best experience because at first with my cheap Chinese printer I had to solve some issues and I did not can get good results at this time. 

[SainSmart] What are the reaction from your friends when they see your printed drones?

[Daniel]  Haha, really I don’t print complete drones, I print all parts for drones but not the frame.  Camera mounts, battery protectors, arm and motors protection, etc. All my friends love my designs, when I started to mix colors they said, woahhhh! 

[SainSmart] Nice. Are there plans to have a retail shop to sell your prints?

[Daniel]  Actually I have some projects related to multi-rotors and printed parts, I am managing a lot of orders from my hobby mates and actually I’m making videos for my sponsors. So really I don’t know where are going to go this but all is possible.

[SainSmart] Sweet. Please keep us updated on the progress. We’d love to sponsor your shop and see your designs reach more FPV enthusiasts!  

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