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August 31st, 2013&September 1st, 2013

I decided to modify the mounting of the LCD/Control panel so that the Z-axis can move all the way up and have plenty of clearence… Just a slight modification (drill and tap a few mounting holes) to aluminum backplane and we are all set. I used ¼” tall nylon standoffs to maintain proper distance between the SainSmart LCD board and the aluminum backplane.

My extruder kit showed up today. I got it all assembled and worked out a sound mounting solution so that I can maximize my printing area while maintaining reliable calibration.

I began wiring the unit. Some motor leads were too long, while others were too short for the cable route I wanted to take. I had to do some splicing of the motor leads, fan leads and temperature sensor leads. Soldered them and used heat shrink to keep them electrically sound. I have a Saike 852D+ hot air gun/soldering station that made process go really fast.

I wrapped each cable run in protective plastic shields. This helps keep everything in its place and makes everything look professional.

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