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SainSmart is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with LinkSprite, an innovative team of open source hardware developers that is known for its great design pcDuino.

Since its first version was unveiled in 2013, pcDuino has become a new favorite of the open source community. In an effort to bring their cutting-edge product to more customers, LinkSprite has chosen to partner with SainSmart to launch its 2014 version of pcDuino globally. Furthermore, SainSmart will work on the development of new products based on pcDuino3. During the next months (and years), SainSmart will add new products to the pcDuino line periodically.

SainSmart is committed to providing our customers quality products and services. The partnership with LinkSprite will allow us to bring more products of quality to the market, offering them competitive, cost-effective choices.

What is pcDuino?

pcDuino is a mini but powerful PC platform compatible with Arduino, developed by LinkSprite Technologies Inc. It’s a powerful device specially designed for demanding users with a small budget. Combining the benefits of a high-performance ARM based mini PC and Arduino ecosystem, pcDuino has become the new choice of makers, both hobbyists and professionals.

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