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[discontinued] SainSmart Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit

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The kit has more than 19 projects for the beginners.
We will offer you a detailed tutorial including project introduction and their source code.
You may learn about Arduino through using these basic projects.
SainSmart UNO R3 uses an ATMega16U2 instead of the ATMega8U2 chip.
This allows for faster transfer rates and more memory.
No drivers needed for Linux or Mac (inf file for Windows is needed and included in the Arduino IDE), and the ability to have the Uno show up as a keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc.
SainSmart LCD1602 Module Display is a great LCD display. With this I2C interface LCD module, you will be able to realize data display via only 2 wires.
If you already has I2C devices in your project, this LCD module actually cost no more resources at all.
Protoytpe Shield and mini breadboard is a great kit to new Arduino users and geeks.
You can choose to do soldering in the soldering area and make good use of the mini breadboard which can save your time of soldering.
Try any circuit you want to the Arduino.
You also can choose to use your own breadboard.

Manual download from SainSmart Official Website.

Package Content:
1xUNO R3,
1x1602 LCD Module,
1xPrototype Shield,
1xUSB Cable,
1xNixie Tube,
1xTemperature Sensor,
1xInfrared Remote Control,
1xInfrared Receiver,
2xTilt sensor,
1xFlame Sensor.
1xCell Box,
Resistors, Breadboard and Jumper wires, LEDs.