[discontinued] Assembled 6N3 Hi-Fi Buffer Audio Tube Headphone Amplifier

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-60-153
  • 240mm(length) x 115mm(width) x 90mm (thickness)
  • Voltage: AC6.3V AC110V/220V 
  • Frequency response is broadened, sounds accurate and analytic.
  • Laser-cut premium arcylic case, sturdy and stylish
  • Gold-plated PCB board, anti-interference, anti electric shock
  • Special customized high voltage coupling capacitor
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This tube preamp is based on the famous Matisse circuit, some modifications have been applied to expand the range of frequency, it sounds smooth and punchy. It's built up with 2 PCBs, the thickness of the lower main circuit PCB is 2mm which can avoid damage when replacing tubes, the upper PCB is for shielding and protection, excellent design!

  • Components: Selected 6N11 tube, Panasonic high voltage capacitors, special ordered high voltage out-couling capacitors, 1% tolerance metal film resistors, quality sealed mini potentiometers.
  • Glass fiber golden board, red solder mask, with green LEDs on the bottom of the tubes which give a fascinating looking in the dark!
  •   The kit is prewired and well set, you can use it directly even without a case
  •   Overall Dimension (including posts, front knob and RCA sockets): 125mm(length) x 115mm(width) x 73mm (thickness)
  •   Approx. 3 times amplifier.


  • 1 ×  6N3 Headphone pre-amplifier kit 

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