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iMatic by SainSmart

iMatic is the app (available here) that allows you control your SainSmart Network I/O Controller from your iPhone, iPod or iPad via WiFi. It supports 8/16 Channel relay which means you could control up to 8/16 different devices at the same time. Android version is also available now. 

The software has a very simple and intuitive interface: the first interface lets you know the software's name. The second interface is the heart of the app and it shows 9 buttons. Each button is associated with a variable(i.e. T), which  is either writted or read by the sketch running on the board. 8 of them is for each channels of relay. The "Relay All" controlled all channels at the same time. The light simulation also synchronize with the LED's state. 

In this way the app can receive information from the WiFi Network Relay I/O Controller or control it.The app can be easily connected to the boards(one at a time), to switch from one phone to another disconnceting the last one first. User can easily manage different channel of relay and switch among them in order to control different devices.

Please note that the SainSmart 8 channel WiFi network I/O controller model with the fixed IP of You must to modify the gateway address, AKA the router IP address, to be

Please check how to connect the iMatic and how it works.

Please check the sketch file below.





Apps for iOS and Android:

  • App for iOS: For control your SainSmart Network I/O Controller from your iPhone, iPod or iPad, iMatic is available in App Store.
  • App for Android: iMatic is available in Google play.

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