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It is November, Thanksgiving Day is around the corner? Today we’re not going to try to convince you check our new arrivals or sell you Raspberry Pi 2 kits. Rather, we're inviting you to "Show off Your pcDuino Project" contest! Build your own pcDuino board project and display it on SainSmart.com.
We've got some great prizes up for grabs. Do you have what it takes? Well, spoiler alert: it will be a whole new pcDuino8!

Please follow those steps to to win the trophy:
1. Display how your own pcDuino board connected and works;
2. Take some pictures/video of the project and upload it to here;
3. We’re collecting responses from the time this post goes live until 9 a.m. MT on Friday, November 13th. We’ll send 2 of the posters a free pcDuino8 for participating! Cheers and good luck!


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