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10 must-have tools for electronics
Electronics makers love tools and they also understand the importance of getting proper tools because it will save hours for your projects or simple repairing. Then what are the must-have tools? Depending on different needs, everybody can have there own list and here is ours.

1. Soldering Iron

SainSmart Pro32 Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron is no doubt the most essential tool for electronic makers. Hands down! If you are just getting into electronics and you only get budget for only one tool to start, this is it! There are several types of soldering irons in the market, which are soldering pencil, soldering station, soldering systems, soldering guns. The one above on the picture is SainSmart Pro32 soldering pencil, with functions like fast heat and auto sleep, it's capable for most use of electronics DIY projects.
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2. Desoldering Pump

SainSmart Desoldering pump
Desoldering is removing the solder and soldered components from the joined material. You solder, then you need to desolder. It’s implausible to make everything flawless so does your soldering job, when it’s messed up you will be desired to have a disordering pump aka solder sucker to fixed it. It’s easy to find this little tool all over the internet and they are very inexpensive, sometimes you can get one in the soldering iron kit.
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3. Precision Screwdriver Set

SainSmart Precision Screwdriver
A precision screwdriver is primary for work on small, intricate devices. For homeowners, you might not use a precision screwdriver that often but as a maker you’ll absolutely need one no matter when you are repairing your laptop, changing battery of a  a mobile device, or just tightening a pair of eyeglasses. And a set of precision screwdrivers with multiple tips like Phillips and hex will make your work so much easier. The screwdriver above in the picture is a motion-sensing electric screwdriver that can save your time and waist!
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4. Multimeter


SainSmart multimeter
A multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions like voltage, current, and resistance. It’s definitely a fundamental measurement tool for diyers, hobbyists and any other people that love electronics.
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5. Rotary Tool Kit

SainSmart Rotary Tool
Rotary tool kit is a useful and versatile piece that you can use in many projects. It includes a handheld & powerful rotary tool with a rotary tip that accepts a variety of attachments for different tasks like shaping, sanding, polishing, carving, etc.
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6. Calipers

Calipers can be vernier, dial or digital and they are precision instruments used to take accurate measurements of the distance between two opposite sides of small objects. The caliper is a fast and easy-to-use tool for basic length measurements.
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7. Hot Glue Gun

SainSmart Hot Glue Gun
A hot glue gun might be the last thing that come up to your mind as a must-have tool in your electronics workshop, but actually except for high school class projects and arts, a hot glue gun can make fixing things so much easier and even be your favorite piece to make some creative hacks.
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8. Crimpers/Pliers/Cutters/Stripper

SainSmart Crimpers
You will find cutters be the hand tools that you use most frequently in your electronics projects. It’s important and worth getting a decent set of cutters that is durable and safe to use.
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9. Tweezers

SainSmart Tweezers
Tweezer is another very common but useful tool for you to handle those small electronics components. Like screwdriver set, we’d recommend you to get tweezers set with various types of tips to fit different needs.
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10. Tool Organizer

Tool Organizer
This might not be a must for many people or technically it’s not even a tool.  But like every girl needs a make-up organizer I think it’s rational and necessary to have all your components organized. And it will make fixing more efficient when you always know where your gears stay.
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What do you think about our list? Do you have all of them in your workshop? Feel free to leave a comment below. Don't forget to share this with your friends if you enjoy it.
Thank you so much for reading.

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