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[discontinued] Programmable Capacitor Board, 1uF to 9999uF

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This is "capacitance substitution box" good low-cost alternative solution, can flexible and quick setting capacitance range from 1uF to 9999uF, step accuracy 1uF. for educational experiments, electronic engineering design or test trimming are excellent applications.


  • Programmable capacitance: 1uF to 9999uF, 1uF per step.
  • Capacitance tolerance: +/-10%.
  • Operating voltage: 35Vdc (MAX.).
  • Size: W 64.2mm x L 104mm x H 31mm / 2.53â€?x 4.09â€?x 1.22â€?/span>
  • Design based on “capacitor parallelâ€?theorem.
  • 4mm banana sockets with plugs, easy to connect wires.
  • High quality FR4 glass fiber PCB.


  • If you use a multimeter to verify that the circuit board may will inaccurate, the problem comes from the multimeter. you can use a professional LCR instrument test instead of a multimeter.
  • This solution used electrolytic capacitors, please pay special attention to the positive and negative polarity. In working condition, do not change these setting switches. must be powered down and then change setting switches. 


  • 1x 1uF to 9999uF Step-1uF Four Decade Programmable Capacitor Board