[discontinued] B?Holder 3-Card Holder - Vertical

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Today’s employees are often required to carry more than one credential, such as separate cards for access and identification. Give your customers an easy way to carry multiple credentials with our all-new B-Holder three-card badge holder! This patented badge holder features two separate slots and is able to hold and display a 30-mil card in the front and either two 30-mil cards or one 60-mil card in the back.
The B-Holder is now available as an all-new three-card holder! This patented badge holder’s increased capacity makes it easier than ever to carry multiple credential.

  • Convenience: The B-Holder features two levers that slide inserted cards out with ease, keeping them accessible for scanning or swiping.
  • Durability: Made of rigid ABS plastic and polycarbonate, the B-Holder will stand up to the rigors of daily use, protecting credentials from bending, cracking and other damage.
  • Security: The holder uses top-load functionality, eliminating concerns about inserted credentials accidentally sliding out