Marke: SainSmart

[discontinued] NEMA 17 2-Phase Stepper Motor for 3D Printing & CNC

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  • Drive mode: Chopping wave constant current drive.
  • Two-phase stepper motor with 4-wire, it is available for rotation of forward and reverse.
  • The order of power is AB-BC-CD-DA, from shaft end see C.W.
  • Rated current (one-phase): 1.5A DC.
  • Rated voltage: 3.45V
  • Stepping angle: 1.8°
  • Comes with 1m length cable, works great for your DIY projects.
  1.5A (17HD34008-22B) 1.5A (17HD40005-22B) 1.5A (17HD60001-22B)
Rated current 1.5A 1.5A 1.5A
Holding torque
Detent torque
Step angle 1.8° 1.8° 1.8°
Number of phase 2 2 2
Insulation resistance 3.2Ω 1.6Ω 1.6Ω
Rotor inertia 38g.cm2 57g.cm2 105g.cm2

  • 1x Nema 17 Stepper Motor for 3D Printer 
  • 1x 1m Cable