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[discontinued] MS1100-P111 Air Contaminants Gas Sensor

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Technical parameters

1. the heating voltage: 5V + 2% (AC . DC)
2. Working current: 100mA (max)
3. the circuit voltage: < DC12V
4. the load resistance: 1K (adjustable)
5. the detection concentration range :0-1000ppm (different gases different scope)
6. clean air voltage: < 1V
7. Sensitivity: > 3%
8. response time: < 5S (preheat 3-5 minutes)
9. response time:> 10S
10. the component power consumption: �430mW
11. Working temperature: -10 ~ 60 oC (nominal temperature 20 oC)
12. Humidity: 90% RH (nominal humidity 65% RH)
13. life: 5 years
14. size: 35mm × 21mm × 15mm

Product Features

1. size: 35mm X21mm X15mm L * W * H
2. the main chip: op amp. MS2600 probe
3. the working voltage: DC 5V


1. with the analog signal and the output signal at the same level;
2. the analog signal output range 0-5V. analog signals can be directly connected to the AD acquisition;
3. the digital level signal output valid signal is low. led lights. can be directly connected micro-controller IO port;
4. the sensor sensitivity can be adjusted. you can set sensor thresholds. with gas output low. can be directly connected to the micro-controller;
5. formaldehyde. toluene. xylene and other volatile gases have high sensitivity. can be used for the qualitative detection of air quality;
6. with a long service life and reliable stability;
7. rapid response and recovery features. easy installation.
V. Application:
For the home environment and other air fresheners detection. smoke control ventilation fans and other equipment suitable for testing the concentration range: 0 to 1000ppm qualitative detection of the gas
Provide a reference routines. the probe manual. schematics and other details

Package List

1X SainSmart Compatible MS1100-P111 VOCs Formaldehyde Gas Detection Sensor Module