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[discontinued] Micsig Digital Tablet Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz 4CH TO1104

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28 Mpts Memory Depth and ZOOM-Technology

The Micsig TO1000 series provides more accuracy and details of waveforms with 28Mpts memory depth and a ZOOM technology. The tBook mini can record a longer time period also.

Lower noise

Lower noise floor is less than 1mV help you to get more accurate measurements

31 Types of Auto Measurements

There are 31 auto measurements for the user to choose from on the measure selection page.
The tBook mini can measure and show 5 parameters simultaneously.

Multi-Level Intensity Grading Display

"Multi-Level Grading Intensity" display, extensive signal characteristics with a very large number of measurement values can also be displayed completely.

Full Touch control

The full-touch tablet of the tBook mini series turns it into a very compact oscilloscope.
In addition to the 8000 mAh battery, it is an ideal mobile handheld measurement device.


If you can’t purchase your favorable oscilloscope due to low budget, tablet oscilloscope tBook mini TO1104 is a real good choice. You absolutely cannot miss it. Compared with traditional bench oscilloscope, tBook TO1004 unique & fast touch operation, super & clear display screen, supporting to store and view pictures locally, one shortcut key to save waveform rapidly, Li-ion battery provide you cost-effective oscilloscope choice.

tBook mini TO1104 integrates all of advantages in one instrument: super low budget, rapid response, easy operation, technology UI and abundant features.




  •     Model: TO1104
  •     Bandwidth: 100MHz
  •     Input Channel: 4
  •     Sample rate: 1GSa/S
  •     Memory depth: 28Mpts
  •     Max capture rate: 80,000 wfm/s
  •     Bandwidth limitation: 20MHz, high pass, low pass
  •     Interface: Wifi, LAN, HDMI,USB Host, USB Device, GND, DC Power, Trigger out
  •    Screen: 8 inches TFT LCD 800*600 pixels display resolutionï¼?4*10 display range
  •     Dimension: 250*210*55mm
  •     Battery: 8000mAh Li-ion battery 
  •     Sampling Modus: Normal, average, peak detect, envelope
  •     Mathematics: +, -, *, / und FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)


  • 1 x TO1104 Digital Tablet Oscilloscope
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Manual
  • 4 x Probe
  • 5 x BNC Cap 
  • 1 x Battery (optional)
  • 1 x Carry strap (optional)
  • 1 x Screen Mask (optional)
  • 1 x Handbag (optional)

What is the maximum input voltage? And can antenuators be used with the tbook mini?

Answer: The maximum input voltage is 300v.

does is come with the serial decode option in the software?

Answer: It can do Serial Decode IF the option is enabled. Some come with it enabled others you have to pay and down load code for options

Does it come with probes? Is this item 4 channels? Does it come with battery?

Answer: yes,it comes with probes,4 channels,with battery

Is it possible to freeze the pattern for later printing. In other words is it a storage scope? What will it do?

Answer: Hi, sliding upward on bottom of screen to turn on shortcut key, tap that key to capture a screenshot. Connect computer with USB cable to Open Misig file and can view saved waveform and screenshots, then you can print it.

Can this be used to monitor RS485 signals?

Answer: It can if the software option Bus Decode is enabled. Some people sell these a little cheaper and not all options are enabled. See page 6 in pdf at - The one I purchased had all the Bus Decoding software enabled.

Does anyone use this for automotive diagnostics?

Answer: Yes, it's designed for that application. Multi channel but slow to keep the cost down. But it's easy faster than you'll need for automotive work.