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[discontinued] Air Contaminants Sensor, TGS2600

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The sensing element is comprised of a metal oxide semiconductor layer formed on an alumina substrate of a sensing chip together with an integrated heater. In the presence of a detectable gas, the sensor's conductivity increases depending on the gas concentration in the air. A simple electrical circuit can convert the change in conductivity to an output signal which corresponds to the gas concentration.
The TGS 2600 has high sensitivity to low concentrations of gaseous air contaminants such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide which exist in cigarette smoke. The sensor can detect hydrogen at a level of several ppm. Figaro also offers a microprocessor (FIC02667) which contains special software for handling the sensor's signal for appliance control applications.
Due to miniaturization of the sensing chip, TGS 2600 requires a heater current of only 42mA and the device is housed in a standard TO-5 package.


  •  Low power consumption
  • High sensitivity to gaseous air contaminants
  •  Long life and low cost
  • Uses simple electrical circuit
  • Small size


  • Air cleaners
  • Ventilation control
  • Air quality monitors

The ?gure below represents typical sensitivity characteristics, all data having been gathered at standard test conditions (see reverse side of this sheet). The Y-axis is indicated as sensor
resistance ratio (Rs/Ro) which is de?ned as follows:
 Rs = Sensor resistance in displayed gases at  various concentrations
 Ro = Sensor resistance in fresh air

The ?gure below represents typical temperature and humidity dependency characteristics. Again, the Y-axis is indicated as sensor resistance ratio (Rs/Ro), de?ned as follows:
 Rs = Sensor resistance in fresh air at various temperatures/humidities
 Ro = Sensor resistance in fresh air at 20°C and 65% R.H.


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1X Fiagor TGS2600 Air Contaminants Sensor Detector For Arduino Raspberry Pi PIC AVR ARM