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[discontinued] 16-Channel USB HID Programmable Control Relay Module[US ONLY]

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This is the new SainSmart 16 Channel controller USB HID Programmable Control Relay Module. It works with 16 channel relay. What's more. We will offer you a detailed project introduction and their source code(Contact us via You may learn about USB HID Programmable Control Relay through using these basic projects. We also have the 16 channels relay in our store, you could search it from our store.

Here are some programmable codes for control command :

1. Connect the lower computer to PC, HID will be
USB_VID 0x0416
USB_PID 0x5020

2. Open device connection, the Host computer read lower computer IO state (This state is 16BIT, each byte stands for one state, the lowest is number 1, IO )

3. The control command of the host computer:
Open the first relay IO:0X0001, Close the first relay IO:0X0000
Open the second relay IO:0X0002, Close the second relay IO:0X0000
Open the third relay IO:0X0004, Close the third relay IO:0X0000

Open the first three relays simultaneously:. 0x0007
Close the second one, open the first and third one: 0x0005

Each bit stands for IO state, 1 for open, 0 for close!

    • 1x SainSmart 16 Channel controller USB HID Programmable Control Relay Module
    • 1x SainSmart 16 Channel Relay

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