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[discontinued] Arduino Mega2560 R3 ATmega2560-16AU2 + 37 in 1 Sensor Module Kit

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This is the new 37 sensor Starter Kit, developed specially for those beginners who are interested in Arduino.

Comes with Mega2560 R3 ATmega2560-16AU2 board and free USB cable.

A complete set of Arduino's most common and useful electronic components.

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Package list:

1xMega2560 R3 ATmega2560-16AU ATMEGA16U2 Board

1xSmall passive buzzer module KY-006

1x2-color LED module KY-011

1xHit sensor module KY-031

1xVibration switch module KY-002

1xPhoto resistor module KY-018

1xKey switch module KY-004

1xTilt switch module KY-020

1x3-color full-color LED SMD modules KY-009

1xInfrared emission sensor module KY-005

1x3-color LED module KY-016

1xMercury open optical module KY-017

1xYin Yi 2-color LED module 3MM KY-029

1xActive buzzer module KY-012

1xTemperature sensor module KY-013

1xAutomatic flashing colorful LED module KY-034

1xMini magnetic reed modules KY-021

1xHall magnetic sensor module KY-003

1xInfrared sensor receiver module KY-022

1xClass Bihor magnetic sensor KY-035

1xMagic light cup module KY-027

1xRotary encoder module KY-040

1xOptical broken module KY-010

1xDetect the heartbeat module KY-039

1xReed module KY-025

1xObstacle avoidance sensor module KY-032

1xHunt sensor module KY-033

1xMicrophone sound sensor module KY-038

1xLaser sensor module KY-008

1x5V relay module KY-019

1xTemperature sensor module KY-001

1xTemperature sensor module KY-028

1xLinear magnetic Hall sensors KY-024

1xFlame sensor module KY-026

1xSensitive microphone sensor module KY-037

1xTemperature and humidity sensor module KY-015

1xXY-axis joystick module KY-023

1xMetal touch sensor module KY-036

1xPlastic Box